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Shanghai Oceandatum Computer Technology Co., Ltd., established on October 22, 2001, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in software product development and IT system integration.

Our core business is:


1) Software research and development: independently research, develop and sell a series of automatic data processing and data collaboration software products, including the industry-wide software, such as data middle platform, data intelligence platform, address database and semantic analysis system, unified identity authentication system, data security control software, as well as the government big data support platform, the digital twins support platform in smart city, enterprise data brain platform and other application software development.


2) Solution Construction: big data related application development and integration. Data center infrastructure construction, including enterprise application modernization, dual active data disaster recovery and backup, data storage and virtualization, network security and load balancing, etc.


3) Data operation services: big data consulting services, data Lake construction, data warehouse construction, data governance and development, intelligent data analysis, big data platform implementation and operation and maintenance services, etc.

Receptive as a valley, clear as a glass of water. Only by virtue of their indomitable and down-to-earth work style and winning public praise, can Oceandatum people survive and develop in the market. Never stop striving for self-improvement, actively innovate and pursue excellence. Create practical products with professional innovation and services, improve industry efficiency and reduce operating costs.


To continuously create value for customers is the unswerving mission and pursuit of Oceandatum.


Products and Solutions


Oceandatum data middle platform software series is a full stack of enterprise level efficient data enabling software. It awakens the data value of business scenarios, supports business innovation, and can be privatized for deployment.


1. Automatic data processing and collaboration software,such as

    Data cataloguing system

    Data migration center system

    Data quality management system

    Data governance and development system

    Data security control system

    Data sharing and exchange system

    Data asset management system

    Data portal and unified identity authentication system


2. Data intelligent production system, such as

    Label and Atlas management system

    Indicator management and warning system

    NLP (Natural Language Processing) production system

    Standard address query and resolution system

    Master data management system



Oceandatum has always maintained an international vision, committed to learning international advanced technical concepts, and integrated computer system integration technology with big data software R & D technology. In combination with the actual situation in China, we should use theory to guide practice and acquire real knowledge from practice. Objectively evaluate the user environment, tailor solutions for customers, create value, and meet customers' personalized business needs.


For example, we provide the following solutions:


    Enterprise big data construction solution    

    Group data asset management and control solution

    Analysis and solution of blank spots in enterprise  market

    Unified processing of stream and batch data solution

    Enterprise data intelligent solution for label, indicator and natural language processing

    Home office solutions

    Dual active data center solution for application continuity

    Multi copy data protection solution

    Enterprise application modernization solution



The enterprise that can live to the end must be the best enterprise. This simple truth is also called the hard truth of the enterprise. From the fundamental point of view of the survival of enterprises, enterprises should have profits, but profits can only come from customers. The survival of an enterprise itself is supported by meeting customer needs, providing customers with the products and services they need and obtaining reasonable returns. Therefore, 'customer first' is always the foundation of our survival. "Everything is customer-centric" is not a gorgeous and empty slogan, but a guideline that must be implemented in all business links.


We need to know what our customers want and hope to surprise them with our services!


Our services for users include:


1. Product service

    Support services for Autogen self-developed products

    Data Center II architecture integration service


2. Data operation service

    Deployment of distributed database and computing framework

    Data catalog sorting and compilation services

    Data Lake Construction

    Data warehouse construction

    Data governance and development services

    Intelligent data analysis service

    Text classification training service



    Use data technology innovation to help enterprises and governments become more successful, so as to contribute to social progress.



    To become a product provider of automated data processing and collaboration trusted by customers.


Business approach:

    Pragmatic, survival, breakthrough and sustainability.


Core values:

    Health, dedication, innovation, cooperation and win-win results.



    There are norms in behavior, a bottom line in work, and a direction in mind. Build a stable and sustainable long-term interest company.



    Whether we are in the company or at the customer site, we are duty bound to complete our own work with the spirit of ownership. Respect heaven and love, abide by the contract, improve self-cultivation and persevere.



    Inspirational research and thinking, and dedication to the future. According to the changes of the times, grasp customer needs, innovate product solutions, and innovate user experience. We are a learning organization, accepting and learning information technology with a "global vision", elaborating products and accepting user tests.



    No matter within the enterprise or for customers, suppliers and partners, we should clearly define the unified goal. Once the goal is determined, we will not only cooperate with each other, but also assist each other to truly complement each other.


Win win:

    The premise of win-win is equality. In the face of external strength, we should dare to strive for the interests of the team. At the same time, we respect and treat others objectively, and abide by sincerity and conscience. Only when enterprises and customers, enterprises and employees achieve win-win results, can they maintain a long-term, stable and developing cooperation situation.



Working Principle

Self confidence and affirmation of others: people who believe that they can achieve themselves through their own efforts and affirm others will be affirmed by others.


Take the initiative to improve the situation: take the initiative to improve problems for customers, colleagues and family members.


Timely delivery of results: full of mission, always focused and timely delivery of results.


Reflect value: dare to take responsibility and reflect their own value in cooperation.


Surpassing oneself: keep pace with the times and achieve a higher self-level.

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